Admiral Fitzroy’s “Storm Glass”

This tool is called Admiral Fitzroy’s Storm Glass. During the 19th century Charles Darwin, among others, was using it to predict weather conditions on board of a ship. Prediction is based on the formation of the crystals contained in the water. Clear water with crystals submerged to the bottom predicts clear weather, whereas crystals floating at the top of the water predict a thunderstorm. The crystals are usually a mixture of potassium nitrate, sal ammoniac and camphor in water. It has been cloudy and rainy for two days now and the storm glass still predicts clear weather every day. Although this tool has little predictive value and it’s predictions are not scientifically proven, I bought it from Miraikan because it looks nice as an antique decoration. Thoughts ?

P.S. More about my visit in Miraikan in the coming post.

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