The “experience” of casual eating out on a weekday

Tonight we had a craving for tempura soba, so we went to a random tempura restaurant, the first that appeared in our path. The restaurant is called Marugame Seimen, is located in Shibuya (丸亀製麺渋谷道玄坂店) and serves tempura -not soba- udon meals. It’s one of those large, cheap restaurants with high throughput. Still, japanese shop managers amazed me one more time with their marketing cunnigness. With a every meal you recieve a collectible paper ticket, one out of, not 5, not 10, but out of *90* different designs, related to characters from “Hello Kitty” and “Gundam”. Of course, boys get Gundam and girls get Hello Kitty, we don’t need to explain the obvious here. If you are patient enough -and if you really like tempura udon-, collecting 10paper tickets gets you a free udon bowl.

Who wants to try?

A humble dinner

*Kind reminder to foreign visitors that, when in a restaurant in Japan, you are supposed to return your tray *

The prize

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