A tale of an irregular juice package

There is a steady hype about delicacies in Japanese convenient stores. My discovery this week was not a sweet, but a juice in rather peculiar packaging. Meet “tropical straight 100”. Ignoring my initial reaction (that was something along the lines of “are they selling prepackaged blood serum for vampires now?“), this is actually a juiceContinue reading “A tale of an irregular juice package”

The things I do for clear files with anime

Today was an extremely hard day, following an almost sleepless night, which in turn followed another ‘work hard, play hard’ day, which at least followed a good sleep night. Even writing about it is exhausting, so I will move straight to the point.I went inside Lawson and rampaged on pocky choco sticks because they hadContinue reading “The things I do for clear files with anime”


[Greek text] Επιτέλους! Ευχαριστώ για τα μελομακάρονα ρε μάνα!Αν και μόνο 5 έφτασαν αρτιμελή, τα υπόλοιπα θα τα φάω με το κουτάλι. Μαζί έφτασαν αμυγδαλωτά και καρύδια. **Το μπουκάλι κοκα κόλας δεν περιέχει νερό.** [English text] Finally, my mom’s parcel with homemade Christmas sweets arrived (late and with 5/10 surviving ‘melomakarona’). **The coca cola bottleContinue reading “Melomakarona”

Japanese foodporn (Part 4) + Autumn delicacies and travel suggestions

[Feature Photo: Come on! Welcome to our house, we have coffee and cookies!  — reminds me a bit of the ‘come to the dark side, we have cookies’ meme (Photo credits to Martin)] Hey there! I haven’t been active for a while because I was busy EATING. Oh my god, this Sunday was the first dayContinue reading “Japanese foodporn (Part 4) + Autumn delicacies and travel suggestions”