The things I do for clear files with anime

DSC_2300.JPGToday was an extremely hard day, following an almost sleepless night, which in turn followed another ‘work hard, play hard’ day, which at least followed a good sleep night. Even writing about it is exhausting, so I will move straight to the point.I went inside Lawson and rampaged on pocky choco sticks because they had a ‘buy 3 packs get one cute folder with anime mini football player’ kind of promotions. Needless to say, resistance was futile. I am not disappointed though, because the standard red one is good as usual, strawberry is acceptable in terms of taste, and coconut was luring me to sampling its flavor. And I did. And it was sweet, yet thoroughly enjoyable. Because sugar makes you happy, and happiness provides you with all kinds of silly ideas, I downloaded the ポッキー花火(Pokky fireworks) app on my phone and spent half an hour playing a silly game of augmented fireworks coming out of the tip of a pocky stick. Much wow, such fun. Piece of advice: real fireworks are much better than the augmented ones, so visit a lot of hanabi festivals this year!

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