Japanese foodporn (part 3) with goodies: What to eat/drink in Okinawa + Random 100yen shop beauty products

Pretty much only one thing happened during the past days: rain. So it was a great opportunity for me to start experimenting with Japanese cooking. The results were satisfying, so I’ll try to keep up the pace and try to get better! The recipes that weren’t improvised, were successful thanks to japanesecooking101. Pro tip: Be extremely careful when you buy the ingredients; the contents may look the same, the kanji may look the same, BUT it’s highly possible that it’s NOT the same.

Avocado-Chicken with Korean noodles
Japanese satsuma sweet potato a la amani (basically boiled in sugar syrup) [recipe here]
An awful lot of ingredients here – I mixed up too many things together, but at least it was eatable; salmon flakes, avocado, bean sprouts, fermented bamboo shoots (menma), red ginger (紅ショウガ), some king of transparent noodles made of kudzu starch (くずきり) which I accidentally bought instead of bean threads (春雨) – I wanted to make this cooling salad .
Trying to make gyoza. I made it using a filling with minced pork meat, cabbage, green onion etc. The folding is tricky at the beginning, but ‘practice makes perfect’. In the background: Vietnamese ‘Nem’ cooked by my roommate, and an episode of ‘Rick and Morty’. I had to spend my time resourcefully, considering I was making gyoza, tsukune and greek meatballs all at once.
Special Halloween KitKat with caramel pudding flavor: The individual packages came with cute little messages like ‘thank you!’, ‘sorry’, ‘you can do it’, ‘good job’, ‘of course’ & ‘friends’

Special edition Milk Tea with Princess Ariel and her sisters, from Disney’s ‘Little Mermaid’

PLUS: What to eat in okinawa

  • サーターアンダギー(saataa andagii): something like doughnut, with brown sugar coating
  • 紅イモ(beni imo) tarts/soft cream/kitkat/everything: purple yam flavour
  • タコライス(tako rice): doesn’t have any actual taco(octopus) and comes in a lot of variations with avocado, tomato , etc
  • ソーキそば(sokisoba): soba served containing giant lumps of meat
  • ゴーヤチャンプルー(goya champuru): omelette style dish with the okinawan cucumber(goya), tofu, pork etc
  • Orion beer: the local beer, they advertise it everywhere, and comes in 3-4 variations
  • さんぴん茶: jasmine tea, but it’s supposed to be a special okinawan blend that offers longelivity
  • シークワーサー・パッションフルーツ・マンゴ・グアバ お酒 (flat lemon/passion fruit/mango/guava drinks):local alcoholic cocktail canned drinks with tropical fruit flavours
  • 泡盛(awamori): the local alcoholic drink (around 25%), resembling shochu in terms of production, as it is a product of distillation


Silicon covers for relaxing and hydrating the feet
Concentrated facial masks; I saw them for a first time, and tried to infuse one with the Kose ‘Sekkisei herbal gel’, with satisfying results

2 thoughts on “Japanese foodporn (part 3) with goodies: What to eat/drink in Okinawa + Random 100yen shop beauty products

  1. I’ve heard that people in Okinawa live longer than almost anyone on Earth. It must has to do with what they eat.

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