In between the rain showers

The rain season or 梅雨(tsuyu) has officially started in Japan. Which means, that:

  1. you can’t do laundry without owning a drying machine (or visiting a coin laundry)
  2. you will leave the house dry with raincoat, umbrella and all available equipment, but will still arrive to school or office soaked wet
  3. the day that you decide to go on a picnic or a hike or enjoy the first fireworks (花火 hanabi) the skies will open and pour all the rain down on your exact spot.

The above are a daily routine which spans from June until July. On the opposite hand, nature is green as ever, the 紫陽花ajisai (hydrangea in English) flowers are lifting up the mood with their colorful petals, and janitors appear in bulk to do some quick maintenance work before the strong rain messes up everything again. They were so cute today, a group of around 10 people quickly taking care of one small region of grassy land after the other, popping up like blue ajisai.

An ajisai flower

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