Googling in Japanese + Face sheets

ΟΚ, so I was trying to find out something about the best invention !ever! – the “ice” face sheets, and typed only half of the query, namely “ice face”. AND THIS HAPPENED!


Scaaaary! Cringe! Take it out of my sight!

Here is the same phrase in English for comparison. Something went terribly wrong in Japan.


Anyway, as for the original item in question – face sheets or ice paper sheets or deodorant sheets – it’s marvelous and you should definitely try it. The smell and substances give you a freshness feeling that last for around 10 minutes. Specifically, I feel like tiny ice needles are piercing softly my  face and neck. Perfect option after spending a while outside in hot and humid Tokyo, or to freshen up before entering the office or classroom on a summer day. Enjoy!


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