A day in Tokyo Big Sight (w. Gallery)

Summer offers many chances for visiting exhibitions. Today I visited the ‘International modern hospital show 2018’, which as expected was international in terms of companies but not so international in terms of visitors and languages spoken. It was my first time to visit Tokyo Big Sight and I was taken aback by the infinite area of the exhibition facilities. The imposing form of a  random hand saw statue welcomed me to the building. The main entrance gate consisted of two adjacent inverted pyramids (sad that there was no eye in the middle – it would have given out a perfect Illuminati vibe). All the major companies had a booth in the exhibition -Hitachi, Canon, Fujifilm, Adidas. I didn’t even know that most of them supported medical-related departments. Sony’s booth had an interesting decorative touch, using a flower composition instead of the entrails of a human body, in order to advertise their surgical bed lighting system. Many robots roamed in the vicinity, though most of them didn’t recognize my voice commands. Maybe my Japanese pronunciation was poor? Who knows? Both the booth staff and the visitors fashion sense converged to black/blue bottom with white shirt, the only vivid exception to this rule being yours truly with my bright yellow top and girls promoting goods wearing red minis and white over the knee boots. In the end, I left happy and fulfilled with knowledge about the present medical-related market, the promotional goods and the free food & drinks I received.


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