Genre: dynmk

I randomly came across dynmk’s tumblr page about a year ago, which is strange, because I don’t even use tumblr. Anyway, I simply adored his selection of chill-out music,the minimalistic page setup and the beautiful black & white video thumbnails. I easily became a frequent and devoted listener, and I shared his joy as I observed his YouTube subscriptions rise steadily.

I believe my all-time favourite song is –>

It was one he uploaded the week I discovered him.

I realised dynmk’s most important trait is respect to the listeners, as he provides us with all-new, melodic, unique and usually well hidden music gems. And I was FIRED UP when I found out he was sending out stickers to all his followers, in celebration of passing a YouTube subscriptions milestone. Considering I reside in Greece (and he is in Germany), I thought it would be impossible to receive them, but I applied still. After a week, as I was returning home worn out from a hard Uni day, I saw THE letter at my doorstep and immediately started laughing unstoppably.

Fun fact: I don’t even know if ‘he’ is a ‘he’ or a ‘she’. I just love this lad !  

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